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Computing and Software Principles Research
Bell Labs

Lalita Jagadeesan, Director
Anita Anderson, Executive Administrative Assistant

The Computing and Software Principles Research Department is part of the Enabling Computing Technologies domain of Bell Labs, the research arm of Alcatel-Lucent. The department consists of the Algorithms Research Group, led by Steve Fortune, and the Semantics of Programming and Data Management Group, led by Lalita Jagadeesan. The department members are located in Murray Hill, NJ, Naperville, IL, Mooresville, NC, and Dublin, Ireland.

The department activity is motivated through a variety of influences, ranging from the academic research community to current and future Alcatel-Lucent product and services directions in the areas of mobile internet, integration of the telephony networks with the internet, e-services, and energy-efficiency. Driven by real-world problems, the department draws on a broad range of research specializations, including algorithms, cryptography, database systems, formal methods, traffic management, and telecom and web services. The department performs fundamental research in both systems and theoretical areas, and develops experimental and practical systems for demonstration, testing, and eventual application within Alcatel-Lucent products and processes.