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Mathematics of Networks and Systems
Research Department

Iraj Saniee, Director


The Mathematics of Networks and Systems Department is within the 'Network Algorithms, Routing and Security' Research Program, which is part of Bell Labs Research, the research arm of Alcatel-Lucent. We are located at 600 Mountain Avenue, Murray Hill, NJ 07974, USA. Department activities are motivated by theoretical frameworks for and practical solutions to multifaceted problems that arise in the design and management of communication networks, systems and services.

Our current basic research falls into the following areas: stochastic networks, communication science, large graph analytics, network economics and applied cryptography. On the applications side, we have designed and developed mathematical, computational, statistical, information-theoretic and networking techniques and prototypes in support of numerous products and services for Alcatel-Lucent. Examples include SPIDER network design suite, 2G-3G RAN schedulers, LambdaRouter I/O training, self-organizing algorithms in 4G cellular networks, VDSL vectoring algorithms and workflow optimization in Motive.

Owing to the wide spectrum of the applications of our work, our technical staff are perhaps atypically conversant in a variety of communication and networking topics, ranging from cellular wireless networks, packet and optical networks, vectoring in broadband access, user behavior in smart grids, scalable quota management for wireless data users, and search and query in unstructured network data.

The team currently consists of the following, with group leads shown with their topic in paranthesis