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Communications and Signal Processing
Research Group

Carl J. Nuzman, Acting Group Leader
Linda Chalet, Administrative Assistant

Current Research

The Communications and Signal Processing Research Group was formed in January 2008. Our work in Communication Theory and Signal Processing spans a spectrum of goals, encompassing both fundamentals and practice. But in either case our motivations are to expand knowledge base and, with occasional exceptions, are not project specific. We are fortunate that some of our people have, in the past, been members of development organizations, and have kept ties to these organizations as they evolved into business units. This continuing interaction provides valuable input regarding the direction of our investigations.

One major research goal is the search for fundamental limits, usually disregarding complexity and other practical issues, and is broadly described by Information Theory. Present efforts include difficult generalizations of point-to-point Shannon Theory to multi-access problems involving a sharing of a communication resource, with particular emphasis on wireless applications. Basic capacity studies of multiple antenna communication systems are included here.

In addition to this fundamental work we also engage in studies which propose or evaluate techniques, systems, or devices that are much closer to the practical art. Such investigations can be related to signal design, equalization, synchronization, performance evaluation, or communication theory for wireless systems. They can relate to new system proposals or existing infrastructure. The study of tradeoffs involved in choosing between equalization or coding to correct certain channel impairments on communication channels, or on recording channels modeled as communication channels, is part of this work.