Bell Labs Internet Traffic Research


Visualization tools are vital for analyzing a very large traffic database. Analytic visualization tools support model development. One issue is screen real estate. Because Internet databases are large and the structure is complex, we must accept the notion that single displays need to cover tens and perhaps hundreds of pages with many panels on each page. Data visualization is often limited to a display of a set of data that can be placed all at once in our visual field. So it can be shocking at first to contemplate looking at so many pages. But using the structure of trellis display, a visualization system available in S/S-PLUS, it is easy to generate many pages. And using a document viewer, it is possible to learn a great deal about Internet traffic data from these multipage, multipanel, or MPMP, displays. Following are some of the visualization tools used in our Internet traffic analysis and published papers.

Inter-Arrival Time Plot

Weibull Quantile Plot

Averaged Periodogram Plot

Queueing Plot