Network Statistics
· IP Packet Generation: Statistical Models for TCP Start Times Based on Connection-Rate Superposition
William S. Cleveland, Dong Lin, and Don X. Sun
· Internet Traffic Data
William S. Cleveland and Don X. Sun
· Time-varying Network Tomography: Router Link Data
Jin Cao, Drew Davis, Scott Vander Wiel, Bin Yu
· A Scalable Method for Estimating Network Traffic Matrices from Link Counts
Jin Cao, Scott Vander Wiel, Bin Yu, Zhengyuan Zhu

Semiconductor Manufacturing
· Statistics in Advanced Manufacturing
V. N. Nair, M. H. Hansen, and Jan Shi
· Process Improvement Through the Analysis of Spatially Clustered Defects on Wafer Maps
M. H. Hansen, V. N. Nair, and D. Friedman
· Process and Productivity Improvement in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Mark H. Hansen and Vijayan Nair
· Model-free estimation of some yield metrics in integrated circuit fabrication.
D. Friedman, M. H. Hansen, V. Nair and D. James
· Model-Free Estimation of Defect Clustering in Integrated Circuit Fabrication (Revision of above)
David Friedman, Mark H. Hansen, Vijay Nair and David James
· Monitoring wafer map data from integrated circuit fabrication processes for spatially clustered defects.
M. H. Hansen, D. Friedman and V. Nair
· A Computing Environment for Spatial Data Analysis in the Microelectronics Industry
Mark H. Hansen and David James

Process Control
· Optimal Discrete Adjustments for Short Production Runs
Scott Vander Wiel
· A Discussion of "All or None" Inspection Policies
Scott Vander Wiel, Stephen Vardeman
· Monitoring Processes that Wander Using Integrated Moving Average Models
Scott Vander Wiel
Fraud Detection
· Detecting Fraud in the Real World
Michael H. Cahill, Diane Lambert, José C. Pinheiro, and Don X. Sun
· Incremental Quantile Estimation for Massive Tracking
Fei Chen, Diane Lambert, and José C. Pinheiro
· Reducing Transaction Databases, Without Lagging Behind the Data or Losing Information
Fei Chen, Diane Lambert, Josť C. Pinheiro, and Don X. Sun
· Updating Timing Profiles for Millions of Customers in Real-Time
Diane Lambert, José C. Pinheiro, and Don X. Sun

Industrial Statistics
· Snapshot:A Plot Showing Progress Through a Device Development Laboratory
Diane Lambert, James M. Landwehr and Ming-Jen Shyu
· Assessing Software Designs using Capture-Recapture Methods
Scott Vander Wiel and Lawrence Votta
· Methods for Assessing Distributional Assumptions in One and Two Sample Problems.
Vijayan N. Nair and Anne E. Freeny
· Planarization by Chemical-Mechanical Polishing: A Rate and Uniformity Study.
Anne E. Freeny and Warren Y.-C. Lai

Pattern Recognition
· Identifying Word Correspondences in Parallel Text
William A. Gale, Kenneth W. Church
· A Program for Aligning Sentences in Bilingual Corpora
William A. Gale, Kenneth W. Church
· Handwritten Digit Recognition via Deformable Prototypes
Trevor Hastie and Robert Tibshirani
· A statistical approach to automatic speech recognition using the atomic speech units constructed from overlapping articulatory features
Li Deng and Don X. Sun
· Hidden Markov models with Non-stationary states for speech recognition
Don X. Sun and Li Deng
· Analysis of Acoustic-Phonetic Variations in Fluent Speech Using TIMIT
Don X. Sun and Li Deng
· Production Models as a Structural Basis for Automatic Speech Recognition
Don X. Sun