· Omegahat -- A Component-based Statistical Computing Environment
John Chambers and Duncan Temple Lang
· The Omegahat Environment: New Possibilities for Statistical Computing
Duncan Temple Lang

Computing with Data
· Users, Programmers, and Statistical Software
John M. Chambers
· Distributed Computing with Data: A CORBA-Based Approach
John M. Chambers, Mark H. Hansen, David James and Duncan Temple Lang
· Computing with Data: Concepts and Challenges
John M. Chambers
· Testing Software for (and with) Data Analysis
John Chambers
Numerical Methods
· Fast and Accurate Computation of Binomial Probabilities.
Catherine Loader
Recent Developments in S
· Multiple Threads in S
Duncan Temple Lang
· A Common Interface to Relational Databases from R and S -- A Proposal
David A. James

S History
· Evolution of the S Language
John Chambers
· Overview of Version 4 of S
John M. Chambers
· A Brief History of S
Richard A. Becker
· Variables in Data Frames
John M. Chambers
· Classes and Methods in S. II: Future Directions.
John M. Chambers
· Classes and Methods in S. I: Recent Developments.
John M. Chambers
· Data Management in S(Dec 23, 1991)
John Chambers
· Writing a Graphics Device Function for S.
Richard A. Becker

S Applications
· Chronological Objects in S
David A. James, Daryl Pregibon
· An Interface From S to Mathematica
Javier F. Cabrera, Allan R. Wilks
· Maps in S
Richard A. Becker, Allan R. Wilks
· Images in S [compact version without images]
John M. Chambers, Neil Crellin