Data Mining and Analysis
· Fitting Trees to Curve Data, With an Application to Time of Day Patterns
Yan Yu and Diane Lambert
· Feature Dimension Reduction Using Reduced-Rank Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Hidden Markov Models
Don X. Sun
· Robust estimation of spectral center-of-gravity trajectories using mixture spline models
Don X. Sun
· Good-Turing Smoothing Without Tears
William A. Gale
· Learning Prototype Models for Tangent Distance
Trevor Hastie, Patrice Simard and Eduard Sackinger

Statistical Models, Methods, Theory, and The Big Picture
· Events Defined by Duration and Severity, With an Application to Network Reliability
R. Becker, L. Clark and D. Lambert
· Nonparametric Maximum Likelihood Estimation From Samples with Irrelevant Data and Verification Bias.
Diane Lambert and Luke Tierney
· Measures of Disclosure Risk and Harm
Diane Lambert
· Boundary Crossing Probabilities for Locally Poisson Processes
C. Loader
· A New Algorithm for Matched Case Control Studies with Applications to Additive Models.
Trevor Hastie and Daryl Pregibon
· Change Point Estimation Using Nonparametric Regression
Catherine Loader
· Greater or Lesser Statistics: A Choice for Future Research.
John M. Chambers

Bayesian Statistics
· Models and Model Building Methods for Case Data
William S. Cleveland, Lorraine Denby, and Chuanhai Liu
· Modeling Customer Survey Data
Linda A. Clark, William S. Cleveland, Lorraine Denby, and Chuanhai Liu
· Focused sampling and its application to nonparametric and robust regression
Frederick Wong, Mark H. Hansen, Robert Kohn and Michael Smith

Designed Experiments
· Robust Parameter Design with Uncontrolled Noise Variables
Anne E. Freeny and Vijayan N. Nair
· Graphical Analysis for a Large Designed Experiment.
Anne E. Freeny and James M. Landwehr
· Optimal Blocking Schemes for Fractional Factorial Designs
Don X. Sun, C.F.J. Wu and Y.Y. Chen
· The Dependence of the Electro-Optical Properties of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals on the Photopolymerization Process [color] [black&white]
J. D. LeGrange, S. A. Carter, M. Fuentes, J. Boo, A. E. Freeny, W. Cleveland, and T. M. Miller
Local Regression
· Censored Local Likelihood
Catherine Loader
· Locfit: An Introduction
Catherine Loader
· Smoothing by Local Regression: Principles and Methods [Rejoinder to Discussion]
William S. Cleveland and C. Loader
· Local Regression: Automatic Kernel Carpentry
Trevor Hastie, C. Loader
· Local Likelihood Density Estimation
C. Loader
· Computing Nonparametric Function Estimates
C. Loader
· Smoothing By Local Fitting: Various Issues Stimulated by a Paper of Fan and Marron
William S. Cleveland and C. Loader
· Coplots, Nonparametric Regression, and Conditionally Parametric Fits
William S. Cleveland

Maximum Likelihood Estimation Using the EM Algorithm
· Parameter Expansion to Accelerate EM: The PX-EM Algorithm
Chuanhai Liu, Donald B. Rubin, and Yingnian Wu
· Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Sum-Difference Time Series Models Using the EM algorithm
William S. Cleveland and Chuanhai Liu

Extended Linear Models
· Polynomial splines and their tensor products in extended linear modeling [Rejoinder to discussion]
C. Stone, M. H. Hansen, C. Kooperberg, Y. Truong, J. Huang
· Triogram Models [HTML/Java version]
M. H. Hansen, C. Kooperberg and S. Sardy
· Spline adaptation in extended linear models
M. H. Hansen and C. Kooperberg

Inference and Model Selection
· Model Selection and the Principle of Minimum Description Length [PDF] [Compressed PostScript]
Mark Hansen and Bin Yu
(some setups have difficulty printing the math in the PDF version; make sure that you do not select the option Download font once from the PostScript Options in the Print Menu.)
· Old Faithful Erupts: Bandwidth Selection Reviewed
Catherine Loader
· Simultaneous Confidence Bands in Linear Regression and Smoothing
Jiayang Sun, C. Loader
· Simultaneous confidence bands for the rate of a nonhomogeneous Poisson process
Catherine Loader

Multidimensional Fitting and Discriminant Analysis
· Discriminant Analysis by Gaussian Mixtures
Trevor Hastie and Robert Tibshirani
· Flexible Discriminant Analysis by Optimal Scoring
Trevor Hastie, Robert Tibshirani and Andreas Buja
· Penalized Discriminant Analysis
Trevor Hastie, Andreas Buja and Robert Tibshirani
· Varying-coefficient models
Trevor Hastie and Robert Tibshirani