threadGroup() - constructor for a threadGroup object. Any number of thread objects can be passed to the constructor as elements to be added to the group.


threadGroup(..., attributes= threadAttributes() )


thread objects or lists or vectors of these objects to be added the group.
threadAttributes object that is to be used as the default attributes in a call to thread() if the argument group is specified in that call.
THIS ARGUMENT ISN'T NEEDED. Never create THREADS using a thread group!

Side Effect:

a name table is created in this threads frame. Should we do this or make them assign it. I know!

See Also:

thread class


       tA = thread(Quote(.....))
       tB = thread(Quote(.....))
       threads = vector(10)
       for(i in 1:10) {
         threads[i] = thread(substitute({while(T)print(i)},list(i=i)))
        group = threadGroup(tA,tB, threads)
       group = threadGroup()
       tA = thread(Quote(.....),group = group)
       tB = thread(Quote(.....),group = group)

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