Some Research Projects

Work carried out in Statistics Research at Bell Labs covers many areas. Some are defined to solve open problems in statistical computing, visualization, and methodology, and some are defined in collaboration with the business units of Lucent Technologies. Some of our current and past research projects are listed on this page. Writeups of older work can also be found in our list of Technical Reports.

Network Data
· Internet Traffic Research
· Visualization and Modeling of Web Log Data

Statistical Methods for Data
· Bayesian Modeling and Analysis
· EM Algorithm and Extensions
· Mixed-Effects Models
· Extended Linear Models
· Design of Experiments

Data Visualization
· Audio Representations of Dynamic Data
· Trellis Display

Computing with Data
· Omegahat
· The S System
· Multiple Threads in S
· S, R, and Relational Databases
· NLME: Software for Analyzing Mixed-Effects Models
· Computing for Bayesian Models
· GGobi
· Toolkit for an Interactive Learning Environment

Statistics for Very Large Sets of Data
· Fraud Detection
· Customer Satisfaction: Rating Scale Data
· Mining Massive Heterogeneous Databases
· Voice Network Reliability

Manufacturing Data
· Spatial Wafer Map Analysis
· Improving Optical Fiber Manufacturing