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These help pages were initially prepared for Locfit in R. For S and S-Plus users, the data() statements in many examples are unnecessary.
aic Compute Akaike's Information Criterion.
aicplot Compute an AIC plot.
aisAustralian Institute of Sport Dataset
ang Angular Term for a Locfit model.
badExample dataset for bandwidth selection
borderCricket Batting Dataset
chemdiabChemical Diabetes Dataset
claw54Claw Dataset
cldemExample data set for classification
cltestTest dataset for classification
cltrainTraining dataset for classification
co2Carbon Dioxide Dataset
cp Compute Mallows' Cp for local regression models.
cpar Conditionally parametric term for a Locfit model.
cpplot Compute a Cp plot.
crit Compute critical values for confidence intervals.
crit<- Substitute critical values on "locfit" object.
density.lf Density estimation using Locfit
diabExhaust emissions
ethanolExhaust emissions
expit Inverse logistic link function
fitted.locfit Fitted values for a `"locfit"' object.
formula.locfit Formula from a Locfit object.
gam.lf Locfit call for Generalized Additive Models
gam.slistVector of GAM special terms
gcv Compute generalized cross-validation statistic.
gcvplot Compute a generalized cross-validation plot.
geyserOld Faithful Geyser Dataset
geyser.roundDiscrete Old Faithful Geyser Dataset
hatmatrix Weight diagrams and the hat matrix for a local regression model.
heartSurvival Times of Heart Transplant Recipients
insectInsect Dataset
irisFisher's Iris Data (subset)
kangarooKangaroo skull measurements dataset
kappa0 Critical Values for Simultaneous Confidence Bands.
kdeb Bandwidth selectors for kernel density estimation.
km.mrl Mean Residual Life using Kaplan-Meier estimate
knots Extraction of fit-point information from a Locfit object.
lcv Compute Likelihood Cross Validation Statistic.
lcvplot Compute the likelihood cross-validation plot.
left One-sided left smooth for a Locfit model.
lf Locfit term in Additive Model formula
lfbas User-specified basis functions for Locfit.
lfeval Extract Locfit Evaluation Structure.
lflim Construct Limit Vectors for Locfit fits.
lfmarg Generate grid margins.
lines.locfit Add `locfit' line to existing plot
livmetliver Metastases dataset
locfit Local Regression, Likelihood and Density Estimation.
locfit.censor Censored Local Regression
locfit.matrix Reconstruct a Locfit model matrix.
locfit.quasi Local Quasi-Likelihood with global reweighting.
locfit.raw Local Regression, Likelihood and Density Estimation.
locfit.robust Robust Local Regression
lscv Least Squares Cross Validation Statistic.
lscv.exact Exact LSCV Calculation
lscvplot Compute the LSCV plot.
mcycAcc(De?)celeration of a Motorcycle Hitting a Wall
mineFracture Counts in Coal Mines
mmsampTest dataset for minimax Local Regression
morthsHenderson and Sheppard Mortality Dataset
panel.locfit Locfit panel function
panel.xyplot.lf Locfit panel function
pennyPenny Thickness Dataset
plot.eval Plot evaluation points from a 2-d locfit object.
plot.gcvplot Produce a cross-validation plot.
plot.lfeval Plot a Locfit Evaluation Structure.
plot.locfit.1d Plot a one dimensional "preplot.locfit" object.
plot.locfit.2d Plot a two-dimensional "preplot.locfit" object.
plot.locfit.3d Plot a high-dimensional "preplot.locfit" object using trellis displays.
plot.locfit Plot an object of class locfit.
plot.preplot.locfit Plot a "preplot.locfit" object.
plot.scb Plot method for simultaneous confidence bands
plotbyfactor x-y scatterplot, colored by levels of a factor.
points.locfit Add `locfit' points to existing plot
predict.locfit Prediction from a Locfit object.
preplot.locfit Prediction from a Locfit object.
preplot.locfit.raw Prediction from a Locfit object.
print.gcvplot Print method for gcvplot objects
print.lfeval Print the Locfit Evaluation Points.
print.locfit Print method for "locfit" object.
print.preplot.locfit Print method for preplot.locfit objects.
print.scb Print method for simultaneous confidence bands
print.summary.locfit Print a Locfit summary object.
regband Bandwidth selectors for local regression.
residuals.locfit Fitted values for a `"locfit"' object.
right One-sided right smooth for a Locfit model.
rv Residual variance from a "locfit" object.
rv<- Substitute variance estimate on a "locfit" object.
scb Simultaneous Confidence Bands
sjpi Sheather-Jones Plug-in bandwidth criterion.
spence.15 Spencer's 15 point graduation rule.
spence.21 Spencer's 21 point graduation rule.
spencerSpencer's Mortality Dataset
stampStamp Thickness Dataset
store Save S functions.
summary.gcvplot Summary method for a gcvplot structure.
summary.locfit Print method for a locfit object.
summary.preplot.locfit Summary method for a preplot.locfit object.
trimodGenerated sample from a bivariate trimodal normal mixture
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