panel.locfit Locfit panel function panel.locfit


xyplot(formula, data, panel=panel.locfit, ...)


This panel function can be used to add locfit fits to plots generated by trellis.

At the time of writing, it works with xyplot for 1-d fits and crudely with wireframe for 2-d fits.


Most Locfit arguments can be passed through xyplot.



# a simple multi-panel display data(ethanol) xyplot(NOx~E|C,data=ethanol,panel=panel.locfit)

# The second example uses some Locfit optional arguments. # Note we can pass the alpha (bandwidth) and family arguments directly to # xyplot. The cens argument must be given in full; not as a data frame variable. # The resulting plot does not (yet) distinguish the censored points, but # the fit will correctly apply censoring. data(border) xyplot(runs~day,data=border,panel=panel.locfit,family="poisson", alpha=0.3,cens=border$no)

See Also:

locfit, plot.locfit.3d, xyplot.

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