Installing the C version of LOCFIT on Unix systems.

  1. Download and save the locfit source archive.
  2. Unpack,
           gunzip locfit.tgz
           tar -xvf locfit.tar
    The Locfit source files are extracted to the locfit subdirectory. cd to that directory.
  3. If the readline library is available on your system (does
           ls /usr/lib/libreadline*
    produce any files?) you can enable readline by adding the line
           #define USE_READLINE
    at the top of src-d/main.c, and adding
    to the LDFLAGS in the Makefile.
  4. If your X libraries are not in /usr/X11R6/lib, edit the XLDFLAGS line in the Makefile. Locfit can also be compiled with ASCII graphics in place of X.
  5. Compile the source code:
    For the ASCII graphics version, use
           make locfit-nox
  6. If the compilation was successful, Locfit is ready to run. Type
    To install the example datasets,
           locfit> run install.cmd
           locfit> exit
  7. To make LOCFIT accessible to multiple users, move the script to /usr/local/bin/locfit. You'll need to edit the LFHOME variable in that script.

Copyright © 1996-2000 Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories
Catherine Loader,

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