Building LOCFIT for S-Plus versions 5 and 6.

The installation below is designed for S-Plus versions 5 and 6. For S-Plus 5.0 and 5.1 on some platforms, the library installation is broken, so the compilation may not work. S-Plus 6 seems more reliable.

For pre-compiled versions of LOCFIT, see the binaries page.

  1. Download and save the LOCFIT source archive. To make Locfit available to all users on your system, save the archive in $SHOME/library.
  2. Unpack the archive:
          gunzip locfit.tgz
          tar -xvf locfit.tar
          cd locfit
    Do NOT run Splus5 CHAPTER in the locfit directory.
  3. Ensure the SHOME environment variable is properly set.
  4. If you do not invoke S-Plus with the command Splus5, you'll need to edit the definition of SPLUS in the install.S5 file. S-Plus 6 users: this is important!
  5. Run the S-Plus 5 installation script:
    This should make some subdirectories, and compile the necessary source files.
  6. If S-Plus is started in the installation directory, Locfit is available automatically. If S-Plus is started in another directory, attach the library with
    > library("locfit",first=T)
    (use a lib.loc argument if necessary).
  7. (Optional) Add the line
          locfit       Local Regression and Likelihood
    to the file $SHOME/library/README.

Copyright © 1996-2001 Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories
Catherine Loader,

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