Memories of John W. Tukey

John W. Tukey (1915-2000)
John W. Tukey made unparalleled contributions to statistics and to science in general, during a long career at Bell Labs and Princeton University, and as consultant to government and industry. John Tukey died on July 26, 2000 but his influence and contributions will continue. He had more ideas, and greater originality, than seemed possible for a single mind, and he gave those ideas with unique generosity to the people he worked with. In addition, he was equally unique as a personality--an encounter with John Tukey was very likely to be memorable. So many people and so many ideas have been shaped by him, that his complete role is hard to summarize.

This web site is dedicated to gathering recollections and reflections on John Tukey from those who knew him and from those who would like to comment on his life or work. We invite you to browse in the site and to contribute to it. Not only technical items, but also personal reminiscences -- nearly all who knew him have some "John Tukey stories"! Our hope is to gather these here, to share our memories and affection for this very special person.

· Reprint of Tukey's Bell Labs Technical Memo "The Technical Tools of Statistics" (11/64)
· A comment on statistics and computer science .

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