Memories of John W. Tukey

Below we list a number of Bell Labs Technical reports authored by John W. Tukey. Much of this work was not published, but shows his tremendous creativity.

We are also collecting (admitedly biased) quotations from JWT's written works. Here are a few interesting ones. Send us email if you have others that you would like to include.

  • Some graphics for studying four-dimensional data, 1982

  • Spectrum estimation and system identification, particularly in the presence of noise,
    with David Brillinger, 1982.

  • Combination of results of stated precision. I. The optimistic case,
    with Frederick Mosteller, 1982.

  • Control and stash philosophy for two-handed, flexible and immediate control of a graphical display, 1982.

  • An overview of techniques of data analysis, emphasizing its exploratory aspects,
    with Colin Mallows, 1980.

  • Looking ahead to behavioral science work at Bell Laboratories, 1980.

  • Approaches to analysis of data that concentrate near higher-dimensional manifolds,
    with Jerome Friedman and Paul Tukey, 1979.

  • Inversion of articulatory-to-acoustic transformation in the vocal-tract by a computer sorting technique, with B. Atal, J. Chang, and Max Mathews, 1977.

  • Variations of box plots, with R. McGill and W. Larsen, 1976.

  • Usable resistant/robust techniques of analysis, 1976.

  • Telephone dialing techniques based on move-then-take control, with Max Mathews, 1975.

  • Methodology, and statisticians's responsibility for both accuracy and relevance, 1975.

  • Lags in statistical technology, 1971.

  • Quick plotting routines for teletypewriter-like terminal, with D. Andrews, 1971.

  • Data analysis, computation and mathematics, 1971.

  • Do statisticians have a future, 1971.

  • How computing and statistics affect each other, 1971.

  • Data analysis and the frontiers of geophysics, 1965.

  • The future of processes of data analysis, 1965.

  • The technical tools of statistics, 1965.

  • The inevitable collision between computation and data analysis, 1963.

  • You and mathematics, 1963.

  • Data analysis and behavioral science (Chapters D E F G H J K), 1963.

  • The analysis of data, 1963.