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Nachi K. Nithi

Member of Technical Staff
Mathematics of Networks and Communications Research Department
Bell Laboratories, Alcatel-Lucent
Room MH 2C-323, 600 Mountain Ave.
Murray Hill, NJ - 07974

Current Research Areas:

Past Research Areas:

  1. 6,041,330 - System and Method for Generating Year 2000 Test Cases.
  2. 7,050,668 - Methods and Appratus for Control of Optical Switching Arrays.
  3. 7,283,745 - Methods and Appratus for Constructing Switch Arrays for Routing of Optical Signals so as to Minimize Power Dissipation.
  4. 7,492,725 - System and Method for Reducing Switching Overhead in a Communication Network.
  5. 7,660,321 - System and Method for Prioritizing Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Messages.
  6. 9,072,053 - Method and Apparatus Of Smart Power Management For Mobile Communication Terminals.
  7. Pending:   Several more.