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Larry Menten

Computing and Software Principles Research
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Murray Hill, NJ 07974, USA
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  • Lawrence Menten, “Experiences in the Application of XML for Device Management,” IEEE Communications Magazine July 2004, pp. 92 – 100.

  • L. E. Menten, M. C. Kohn, D. Garfinkel, "A convenient computer program for estimation of enzyme and metabolite concentrations in multienzyme systems," Comput Biomed Res. 1981 Feb ;14 (1):91-102 7237998

  • M. C. Kohn, L. E. Menten, D. Garfinkel, "A convenient computer program for fitting enzymatic rate laws to steady-state data," Comput Biomed Res. 1979 Oct 12 (5):461-9

Conference Proceedings

  • Gurbani, V.K., Cook, D.L., Menten, L.E., and Reddington, T.B., "A Case Study on Constructing a Security Event Management System," Proceedings of the German Informatics Society's 3rd International Conference on IT-Incident Management and IT-Forensics," , pp. 83-102, September 11-13, 2007, Stuttgart, Germany.

  • Lawrence E. Menten, "Fireworks - Achieving Low Cost of Ownership for an Embeddable Firewall Component," AT&T Software Symposium 2000," , Indian Hill, Illinois.

United States Patents

  • Methods And Devices For Generating XML Expressed Management Transactions That Include An XPath Expression United States Patent US20060005204, European Patent EP1612994

  • Stateful Packet Filtering With Policy And State-Driven Selective Fragment Reassembly, United States Patent Application

  • Control of communication session attributes in network employing firewall protection United States Patent Application US20070156911, .

  • Rule-based network address translation, United States Patent Application US20070162968

Technical Reports

  • Buneman, Peter, Menten, Larry, Root, David, "A Codasyl Interface for Pascal and ADA," WHARTON SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA PA DEPT OF DECISION SCIENCES (2002)