Wood-Strip Boat Building

I tried my hand at building canoes, using the wood-strip method. I have completed two canoes, a Peterborough Canadien and a Winisk. I obtained much of the materials for these two canoes at the same time, as this cut down on the total costs considerably.

The fall of 2000 I built a scale model of a Prospector. In the fall of 2002 I built another scale model, this time making my own strips.

In 2003 I built a Caspian Sea kayak.

I am nearing the end of building a Delta V sailboat from Northwest Marine Design. (This project has been interrupted several times.)

I recently repaired an older cedar-strip canoe belonging to my parents.

I have a description of each of these projects, with lots of photographs.

Boat-Building Projects
Web Page Sample Photographs
Peterborough Canadien
[Starting Peterborough] [Epoxy on Peterborough] [Gunwales on Peterborough] [Peterborough Done]
Winisk canoe [Winisk Forms] [Stripping Winisk] [Winisk Done]
First Prospector model [Prospector Model Forms] [Prospector Model Stripping] [Prospector Model Glassing] [Prospector Model Gunwales]
Second Prospector
[Prospector Model 2 Ripping Strips] [Prospector Model 2 Stripping] [Prospector Model 2 Glassing Outside] [Prospector Model 2 Done]
Caspian Sea kayak [Caspian Sea Milling] [Caspian Sea Stripping Deck] [Caspian Sea Coaming] cradle bolts done
Delta V [Delta V forms] [Delta V Stripping Hull] [Delta V Stripping Hull] [Delta V Transom Glassing] [Delta V Stripping Deck 28]
Canoe Repair [Damage] [Glassing Hull Bottom] [Gluing Keel Back On] [Done]

Updated October 2008 by Peter F. Patel-Schneider.