Please Help Save the
Weinberger Magnets

The Bell Labs Conservancy is saddened to announce that recent construction activities at 600 Mountain Avenue, Murray Hill, NJ, have resulted in collateral damage (see below, left) to the Weinberger Magnets, one of the most valuable historical artifacts of the heyday of Bell Laboratories, and perhaps the only one still present at its initial location. (For some history of this iconic image, see

Conservation activities are underway to repair the damage. The construction notes of the architects have been located (see below, middle) and an older low-resolution picture of the Magnets has been found on the web (see below, right). Plans are being drawn up for the actual restoration effort. There is a good chance that the Weinberger Magnets can be restored to their initial glory.

Donations to the repair effort are welcome and can be made through the Alcatel-Lucent Life on MARS accounting system.

The Bell Labs Conservancy