Peter F. Patel-Schneider

Bell Laboratories
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[Building Caspian Sea] Personal Stuff

I have built several kinds of boats using a wood-cored fiberglass-sheathed construction, more commonly called wood strip building. This results in very nice looking lightweight but strong boats, as the fiberglass is embedded in clear epoxy with the same index of refraction and thus becomes almost invisible.

I have built a Peterborough Canadien and a Winisk canoe. I have also built two half-size models of a Prospector canoe. I recently finished building a Caspian Sea kayak. I am currently building a Delta V sailing dinghy. I have detailed descriptions of these processes, with lots of pictures.

I'm happy to chat with anyone who is interested in this building method. I'm even willing to lend out my used forms to other builders, provided appropriate payments are made to the designers.

I've done some interesting trips in the boats I've built, some of which are described on my trips page. I've also recently done some interesting bicycling around Edinburgh, Scotland, which is also described there.

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