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Rob Dinoff

Computing and Software Principles Research
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Wireless Network Guardian

Provides powerful capabilities for wireless data service providers to accurately design, engineer, optimize, manange, and price their networks. Currently, wireless service providers reuse IP network management tools designed for wireline networks, which typically view the traffic load on an IP network across all data applications to a single dimension: volume (or bandwidth). While volume is very important, wireless IP network operators must also understand how that traffic impacts critical wireless-specific resources, such as airtime, channels on a base station, backhaul bandwidth and network signaling to ensure the network is performing optimally.

The Wireless Network Guardian Team won a Bell Labs Teamwork Award in 2010.

Localization Sensor Network

End to end solution to track assets and people in indoor environments. This technology was showcased in the 2009 Paris ALU Enterprise Forum keynote speech as a great example of disruptive technology.

Datagrid™ is a middleware platform developed by Alcatel-Lucent Applications Systems business unit and Bell Labs. It enables application developers to pick a single protocol (e.g., LDAP, ODBC) and access all the data required for their application from multiple, heterogeneous data sources via a single point of access. The underlying data sources themselves can speak a variety of protocols (e.g., LDAP, ODBC, XML). The Datagrid platform handles all the conversions using meta-information about the underlying data sources. This enables new converged services to be built faster and more cheaply.

The Datagrid Team is a sub team of the Subscriber Profile Data Integration Team which won a Core Bell Labs Teamwork Award in May 2006.