Steven Fortune

Bell Laboratories
Room 2A-446
600 Mountain Ave.
Murray Hill, NJ USA 07974-0636
(908) 582 7042 (office)
sjf at
I am a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff within the Networks, Algorithms, and Protocols research group at Bell Labs. Previously I was Technical Manager of the Algorithms Research group within various Bell Labs organizations.

I have expertise in computational geometry. I have published extensively on the robustness issue for geometric algorithms, and have developed practical uses of computational geometry techniques, for example WISE, which uses geometric algorithms to predict radio propagation in indoor and outdoor environments.  Other work includes a particularly efficient  algorithm for approximating the roots of ill-conditioned, high-degree polynomials. More recent work includes the algorithmic innards of design tools for state-of-the-art optical networks, modeling and minimizing energy use in telecommunication networks, IP router design, finding communities in telephone call graphs, and optimizing call-center diagnostic scripts.

Recent Papers, most with links to gzipped postscript files.

I am associate editor of SIAM Journal on Computing and International Journal of Computational Geometry with Applications (and previously ACM Transactions on Graphics). I am on the DIMACS executive committee as well as chairing the DIMACS visitors committee.

Public software:

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