Eigensolve iteration examples

This shows the iterates of eigensolve on the Mandelbrot polynomial of degree 255.  The roots are black.  In this case, the computation took 5 iterations and 28 seconds (on a 250 MHZ SGI R10000). Two iterations are not visible, since the root estimates were very close to the true roots.

These are the iterates on the Sendra polynomial of degree 320.  The roots are the black ellipse.  The first three iterations are in blue, red, and green; another iteration is not visible.  Various roots are discovered at early iterations; for example, the black roots outside the two blue bean-shaped regions were discovered at the first iteration.  The computation took 74 seconds.

A Toeplitz polynomial of degree 256.  The computation required 4 iterations and 36 seconds.

Another slightly more difficult Toeplitz polynomial of degree 256. This computation took 7 iterations and 51 seconds.

A chromatic polynomial of degree 340; 4 iterations, 69 seconds computing time.

Zooming in on the center of the picture above.