A fundamental concern in data analysis is to find correlations among different things. Mirage addresses this concern. Specifically, it offers graphical operations to track horizontal correlations across different attributes and views of the same objects and events, or vertical correlations among different levels of analysis. It also tries to bridge the gap between human and machine pattern recognition. (Themes in Mirage)

Mirage is a Java-based software tool for exploratory analysis and visualization of images and numerical vectors from an arbitrary application domain. The tool shows projected images of points, point classes, or proximity structures in one, two, or higher dimensional subspaces, in linked views of tables, histograms, scatter plots, parallel coordinate plots, graphs, and trees, and over image or hypertext backgrounds. It also facilitates flexible plot configuration, manual or automatic classification, and intuitive graphical querying. Analysis and visualization operations are controlled by a small, interpreted command language. (Screenshots)


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The IRAS data and images for demo are courtesy of Infrared Processing and Analysis Center, Caltech/JPL. IPAC is NASA's Infrared Astrophysics Data Center.