The plots

Data visualization in Mirage is provided through four basic views plus some special plots. The four basic views are:

Operations on the plots

Data in every plot can be selected by mouse operations that draw one or more boxes enclosing the selected region. This operation is available by clicking the rectangle icon in the right tool bar. Additional shapes such as an irregular region or Bezier curve are applicable in scatter plots. Intersection or union of multiple selected regions can be formed by toggling the intersection/union icon in the right tool bar.

Some plots have choosable actions built in, such as changing the axes, or stepping through each data entry. These actions can be triggered by pressing the circle icons in each plot. Pressing the solid circle triggers or stops a continuous action. Broken circles are for one step of the action in the forward or backward direction.

Operations with selected data

Data selected from each plot can be colored, shown in isolation in one of the four basic views, or broadcast to other plots.