Release Notes

Version 0.3, August 25, 2003

  • added support for external modules and wrappers
  • to use an external module, declare it in the file "Property.dat" with a line "externalpanel classname iconname", where classname and iconname must contain the complete path. an example is given in the "Property.dat" included in the distribution
  • the declared external classes must be in the class path
  • there can be more than one external modules
  • Version 0.2, April 10, 2003

  • added support for dataset retrieval via http. be sure you download or create a file called "Property.dat" that contains the http server specifications
  • added support for adding new columns from a file
  • added support for adding new columns that are products, sums, and differences of the raw attributes
  • added textual commands for selection, coloring, and pausing. these make it possible to automate such operations via a script
  • added histogram cycling through all numerical variables
  • added display of entry ID in feature vector cycling
  • Version 0.1, August 8, 2002

  • first release with the full set of features
  • Version 0.0, January 18, 2002

  • pre-release