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Computing and Software Principles Research
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[John Letourneau]

John Letourneau

Computing and Software Principles Research
Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent
6200 East Broad St., 4A01-1M
Columbus, OH., 43213-1530, USA
Ph: +1 614-367-5560
Fax: +1 614-367-5965
Email: topgun [at] research [dot] bell-labs [dot] com
Administrative Assistant: Chris McTague: 908-582-5612, mctague [at] alcatel-lucent [dot] com
Current Projects

My current work involves simplifying the development of future applications that are directed to converged types of communications media. Our team wants to make programming telecommunication services as easy as a web service. Not only are we developing a model of what this environment will be like, we are also cobbling together an actual network of various media components to try our ideas out.

In the end I hope to provide an IDE that facilitates the developer's tasks; in the space of shared communications as well as for the betterment of other types of software development.

Previous Projects

I have over 25 years with Bell Labs & Bellcore/Telcordia. During this time I have worked on several product teams, and have held many positions. I have development experience using many languages from assembler to C++, as well as several development environments: Unix, Linux, Windows, Dec, HP. During my career I have worked on several network element architecture teams including: New Network Switch, and Version 2 Network Control Point. Prior to that I worked in the development and support of outside plant provisioning systems. There I gained experience with the internals of database systems, recovery software, administration and maintenance of systems, distributed processing, and other real-time critical software.

I have been of service to various project teams within Alcatel-Lucent by consulting with them on architecture, OA&M, reliability, and performance, and also doing performance and reliability engineering and measurement.

I am also active in the Pattern Languages of Programming. I am a member of The Hillside Group, and a participant at the PloP conferences.