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Ph.D. Dissertation

Dissertation: Service Oriented Computing: Enabling cross-network services between the Internet and the telecommunications network
Department of Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois.
Advisor: Prof. Xian-He Sun
My dissertation explored the use of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) as a canonical protocol for executing services with shared state across the Internet telephony network and the switched telephone network. More concretely, I proposed an information lossless call model mapping of the SIP transaction states to the telephone network finite state machine. The latter has many more states and transitions among the states than the former, so at issue is whether a rich call model can be mapped to a call model with paucity of states and transitions without loosing too much information in the process. My work shows that this can be done. I also proposed an extension to SIP that allowed discrete user-generated events in the telephone network to be exported out to the Internet in a scalable and secure manner for novel services that get executed on the Internet. And finally, I proposed creating a ubiquitous telecommunication "smart space", which in pervasive (or ubiquitous) computing is characterized as an aggregate environment composed of two or more previously disjoint domains.

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