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Computer Systems and Security Research
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Yuh-Jye Chang
I am a MTS in Computer Systems Research Department. I have been involved in several projects in the past including SoftSwitch, SoftWave, Mobius, IPTV, and Evros. My interests is in software engineering including cross platform programming, large scale system design, visual programming, embedded system design, and API design/implementation.

My PhD thesis was about Visual Programming. Out of this thesis, I built a visual programming tool called NeatTools which is still broadly used in medical, defense and some national research labs.

I also wrote several famous Java applets in the past including "The NPAC/OLDA Visible Human Viewer" and "Virtual Reality Magic Cube".

I am working on the "Java Like C++ API" which mimic Java API and implement it in C++. So, anyone who like Java API can use it as C++ objects and able to compile the binary into different platforms include Windows XP/Vista/Mobile and Linux. It hides the OS dependency into the API also provide Java style class casting and polymorphism.