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Detailed Description

InvocationTargetException is a checked exception that wraps an exception thrown by an invoked method or constructor.

As of release 1.4, this exception has been retrofitted to conform to the general purpose exception-chaining mechanism. The "target exception" that is provided at construction time and accessed via the getTargetException() method is now known as the cause, and may be accessed via the Throwable#getCause() method, as well as the aforementioned "legacy method."

Public Member Functions

 InvocationTargetException (const Ref< Throwable > &target=0, const String &message=nilCString)
 Constructs a InvocationTargetException with a target exception and a detail message.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

java::lang::InvocationTargetException::InvocationTargetException ( const Ref< Throwable > &  target = 0,
const String message = nilCString 

Constructs a InvocationTargetException with a target exception and a detail message.

target the target exception
s the detail message

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