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Detailed Description

The peer interfaces are intended only for use in porting the AWT.

They are not intended for use by application developers, and developers should not implement peers nor invoke any of the peer methods directly on the peer instances.

Public Member Functions

virtual jboolean isObscured () const =0
virtual jboolean canDetermineObscurity () const =0
virtual void setVisible (jboolean b)=0
virtual void setEnabled (jboolean b)=0
virtual void paint (Graphics &g)=0
virtual void repaint (jlong tm, jint x, jint y, jint width, jint height)=0
virtual void print (Graphics &g)=0
virtual void setBounds (jint x, jint y, jint width, jint height)=0
virtual void handleEvent (const Ref< AWTEvent > &e)=0
virtual void coalescePaintEvent (const Ref< PaintEvent > &e)=0
virtual Point getLocationOnScreen () const =0
virtual Dimension getPreferredSize () const =0
virtual Dimension getMinimumSize () const =0
virtual Ref< ColorModelgetColorModel () const =0
virtual Ref< ToolkitgetToolkit ()=0
virtual Ref< GraphicsgetGraphics ()=0
virtual Ref
< FontMetrics
getFontMetrics (const Ref< Font > &font)=0
virtual void dispose ()=0
virtual Ref< FontgetFont () const =0
virtual Ref< ColorgetForeground () const =0
virtual Ref< ColorgetBackground () const =0
virtual void setForeground (const Ref< Color > &c)=0
virtual void setBackground (const Ref< Color > &c)=0
virtual void setFont (const Ref< Font > &f)=0
virtual void updateCursorImmediately ()=0
virtual jboolean requestFocus (const Ref< Component > &lightweightChild, jboolean temporary, jboolean focusedWindowChangeAllowed, jlong time)=0
virtual jboolean isFocusable ()=0
virtual Ref< ImagecreateImage (const Ref< ImageProducer > &producer)=0
virtual Ref< ImagecreateImage (jint width, jint height)=0
virtual jboolean prepareImage (const Ref< Image > &img, jint w, jint h, const Ref< ImageObserver > &o)=0
virtual jint checkImage (const Ref< Image > &img, jint w, jint h, const Ref< ImageObserver > &o)=0
virtual jboolean handlesWheelScrolling () const =0

Member Function Documentation

virtual jboolean java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::isObscured (  )  const [pure virtual]

virtual jboolean java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::canDetermineObscurity (  )  const [pure virtual]

virtual void java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::setVisible ( jboolean  b  )  [pure virtual]

virtual void java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::setEnabled ( jboolean  b  )  [pure virtual]

virtual void java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::paint ( Graphics g  )  [pure virtual]

virtual void java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::repaint ( jlong  tm,
jint  x,
jint  y,
jint  width,
jint  height 
) [pure virtual]

virtual void java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::print ( Graphics g  )  [pure virtual]

virtual void java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::setBounds ( jint  x,
jint  y,
jint  width,
jint  height 
) [pure virtual]

virtual void java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::handleEvent ( const Ref< AWTEvent > &  e  )  [pure virtual]

virtual void java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::coalescePaintEvent ( const Ref< PaintEvent > &  e  )  [pure virtual]

virtual Point java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::getLocationOnScreen (  )  const [pure virtual]

virtual Dimension java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::getPreferredSize (  )  const [pure virtual]

virtual Dimension java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::getMinimumSize (  )  const [pure virtual]

virtual Ref<ColorModel> java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::getColorModel (  )  const [pure virtual]

virtual Ref<Toolkit> java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::getToolkit (  )  [pure virtual]

virtual Ref<Graphics> java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::getGraphics (  )  [pure virtual]

virtual Ref<FontMetrics> java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::getFontMetrics ( const Ref< Font > &  font  )  [pure virtual]

virtual void java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::dispose (  )  [pure virtual]

virtual Ref<Font> java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::getFont (  )  const [pure virtual]

virtual Ref<Color> java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::getForeground (  )  const [pure virtual]

virtual Ref<Color> java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::getBackground (  )  const [pure virtual]

virtual void java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::setForeground ( const Ref< Color > &  c  )  [pure virtual]

virtual void java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::setBackground ( const Ref< Color > &  c  )  [pure virtual]

virtual void java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::setFont ( const Ref< Font > &  f  )  [pure virtual]

virtual void java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::updateCursorImmediately (  )  [pure virtual]

virtual jboolean java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::requestFocus ( const Ref< Component > &  lightweightChild,
jboolean  temporary,
jboolean  focusedWindowChangeAllowed,
jlong  time 
) [pure virtual]

virtual jboolean java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::isFocusable (  )  [pure virtual]

virtual Ref<Image> java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::createImage ( const Ref< ImageProducer > &  producer  )  [pure virtual]

virtual Ref<Image> java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::createImage ( jint  width,
jint  height 
) [pure virtual]

virtual jboolean java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::prepareImage ( const Ref< Image > &  img,
jint  w,
jint  h,
const Ref< ImageObserver > &  o 
) [pure virtual]

virtual jint java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::checkImage ( const Ref< Image > &  img,
jint  w,
jint  h,
const Ref< ImageObserver > &  o 
) [pure virtual]

virtual jboolean java::awt::peer::ComponentPeer::handlesWheelScrolling (  )  const [pure virtual]

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